An aerial landscape of the sea in Sardinia, Italy
An aerial landscape of the sea in Sardinia, Italy

About Us

We are Francesco, Vanessa and Matteo! We live in Milan, Italy and we have travelled a lot worldwide.

I am a telecommunications expert and a professional photographer. Over time my skills have matured and I have become an entrepreneur expert in digital marketing and a travel enthusiast. It was mine the idea to create this website dedicated to Sardinia.

My idea is: we love Sardinia, we love travel, we understand travellers needs and we speak English. Is that what Japanese call Ikigai? Who knows, for the moment we are putting all our enthusiasm into this.

A couple standing for a picture in Sardinia with the sea on their backs
Vanessa Lomazzi and her son Matteo


Vanessa is my guide, my beacon and my anchor. My life partner. She represents the sweetness and elegance in our relationship and in everything we do.

She is a brilliant nutritionist biologist, entrepreneur and founder of the IGEA Center – Health and Prevention. She is probably the person I admire the most in this World.

Matteo, aka "TEO"

Born in 2020, Matteo is our little hurricane of sweetness. He never stops running, jumping and talking. He never sleeps and always has a smile on his face. It’s the roar that breaks the silence and it’s the one who fills our lives every day.

A kid in a playground
Francesco Cinque photographer in Shanghai. On his backs the oriental pearl tower

Francesco Cinque

As far as I’m concerned, my name is Francesco Cinque and I am a photographer and entrepreneur. I have a 20-year background in the telecommunications industry (as a technician and technical support specialist), and later studied digital marketing. For example, I created this website.

If you want to see my photos instead, you can visit, which I also created myself.

A family swimming in Sardinia with a small kid

We love Sardinia and have always wanted to own a house by the sea. So, one day, we decided to buy one and share this experience with other people by renting it when we weren’t around. We love traveling and we understand the needs of travellers, so I decided to open this site to support anyone who wants to visit this wonderful region that is Sardinia.

On our travels we’ve tried a little bit of everything from 5-star hotels to hostels with rice bags instead of pillows. Guess what’? We had the best experiences right on the road, away from the luxurious hotels. Real people, those who help you and those who give you the right tips to live like the locals, we found them much more often in hostels or small family-run hotels.

We started from this idea to provide a small but well-kept and comfortable structure. With all the support a traveler could need. I’m not only talking about the most beautiful beach, but also about where to go to eat, help with translations, advice on typical dishes and what to do or not to do in Italy.

By clicking here you can take a look at our house which is for rent, but if you want to learn more about Sardinia, all you have to do is visit the blog or write to us. We are very busy but we try to answer everyone!