Driving in Sardinia


One of the best ways to experience Sardinia is by car. That said, you have two options: arrive here using your car (you must board a ship) or rent the car at the airport.

Here some advantages/disadvantages of both options.

Pros of using your car

  • Less expensive in high season
  • You can carry with you stuff and food when you leave Sardinia
  • Free to move around
  • You know your vehicle and you have no surprises
  • If you are travelling with kids, you can carry your own baby seat


Cons of using your car

  • You must come to Sardinia using a ship, so the travel may be quite long or frustrating during high season
  • You are going to the beach, so it will get dirty by sand and salt (this is not a real issue, just something to take note)

If want to come to Sardinia using an airplane (for example you came from a distant country) then you can just rent it at the airport. Please note that during high season the prices are quite high, the best thing is to book it in advantage.

ADVISE: Rentalcars.com give you the possibility to cancel anytime for free. If you are thinking to come, just book the car at the best price and if you change your mind you can always cancel the reservation.


Which one I prefer?

It is difficult to give a definitive answer to this question. On the one hand, flying and renting a car is wonderful because it gives me total mental freedom and no stress. I don’t have to worry about the car because it’s not mine and I can fly from Milan to Cagliari in an hour. It’s really gorgeous.

On the other hand, having my own car allows me to carry all my things and not give up anything, as well as bring home delicious and healthy food. I’d say if it’s for a short break, I’d prefer the plane with car rental. If I had to stay in Sardinia for more than two weeks, then I’d rather lose those two days for navigation and embark on the journey by embarking the car on a ship. If you want to have more information on maritime connections with Sardinia click here.


In Sardinia there aren’t classic highways. There are, however a couple of roads that connects the island from north to south and those roads have high speed limit (110 Km/h usually).

No payment is required, they are all for free.


Sardinia is different from north to south, east to west. Some areas are more touristy than others and have slightly different rules. The general rules are:

  • White line: you can park for free;
  • Blue line: you must pay;
  • Yellow line: usually yellow lines are designed for disabled parkings or landing unloading parking;
  • No lines at all: well depends, always pay attention to the road signs;
  • Parking spots at beaches: you must pay.

If you want more information about parking in Sardinia, please visit this page.

A man on a Mv Agusta brutale motorbike on the Italian coast of Sardinia. Sea on his backs

Sardinia by Motorbike

So, you’re planning to come in Sardinia with your bike, what a marvelous thing to do! I did it aswell with my Mv Agusta Brutale and I absolutely loved it. Parking is free, you can move easily and without traffic and enjoy most of the best views/roads on the planet.

There is nothing to say then: bikers are welcome, respect other people and enjoy. Sardinia as fare as possible is safe from bike theft.

Parking for motorbikes is usually free but at the beaches they may request you to pay.