Parking your car in Sardinia


Sardinia is different from north to south, east to west. Some areas are more touristy than others and have slightly different rules. The general rules are:


  • White line: you can park for free;
  • Blue line: you must pay;
  • Yellow line: usually yellow lines are designed for disabled parkings or landing unloading parking;
  • No lines at all: well depends, always pay attention to the road signs;
  • Parking spots at beaches: you must pay.

White lines

In cities there are white area parking. Those areas are usually for free but pay attention to the road signs. Sometimes is free for an hour or two and you must show the time disc. Other times is free without any restriction.

Blue lines

You must pay at the vending machine or using an app like Easypark. Depending on the area where you are, it may be impossible to use the app or the vending machine may be broken. I know, it’s frustrating for us too.

Remember that Sardinia is an island and during the year the population decreases dramatically, so from time-to-time things just don’t work. All we can do is to be prepared and relaxed. Always carry euros (coins) and a credit card.

Another thing to pay attention is the rule applied to that specific blue line park. Some of them are free during Sunday and national holidays or during the night. But again, this is the general rule, it’s always advisable to check the rules anytime in order to avoid tickets.

Yellow lines

As said, yellow lines are designed for disabled parking or landing unloading parking. If you have the right to park on a disable park, then show the permission.

If you want to park on landing unloading, you can do it if is for a short time. Policeman tend to be quite understanding if they see you opening the trunk of your car and unload your suitcases.

No lines at all

One of my favorite thing is Sardinia is that is still savage in some parts. Sardinia is different from north to south, on north for example is difficult to find those parking. On south you can find no one on the street for kilometers.

That said, you can probably park on the side of the road without problems. Just pay attention to the road signs, sometimes is “a trap” from the cops to collect tickets.

Parking at the beaches

Some beaches have a parking handled by the city hall. There are usually one or two people at the entrance that ask you money to park. It’s ok, don’t worry. Some of them are from the city hall and you can recognize them by the uniform they wear. Some others are from private parking, for example the parking lot is owned by the beach bar.

ADVISE: when the parking is managed by the municipality, you can usually move from one beach to another (in the same area and on the same day) without paying for the parking again. The people in uniform can provide you this information if you ask.

Some of them don’t speak English, so here’s a little thing that may help you:

Buongiorno, pagando questo parcheggio, posso parcheggiare anche in altri parcheggi di altre spiagge oggi?

Just take a screenshot and show them this message, that it means “good morning, by paying for this parking, can I also park in other parking lots on other beaches today?”.