Villasimius best beaches


My favorite beaches in south east Sardinia, around the city of Villasimius are:

  1. Porto Giunco;
  2. Punta Molentis;
  3. Cala Pira;
  4. Cala Sinzias;
  5. Santa Giusta (Scoglio Peppino).

This is a Google Maps itinerary where I have listed them in order. The numbers do not represent the score, but simply the order in the list. As you will notice, Porto Giunco and Punta Molentis are the only two reachable from Villasimius without a car. For the others, I recommend any kind of motorized transportation (motorbike, scooter, car). Unfortunately, there is no public transportation available.

A map of the best Villasimius beaches in Sardinia, Italy.

1- Porto Giunco

If you’ve been to the Maldives, you’ll know what I mean: Porto Giunco looks just like it. The sand is white and immaculate, the water shallow and warm, and it’s like a piece of heaven on earth. Most of the beach is free, with just a few private lidos that you can easily skip if you prefer free beaches.

Porto Giunco is one of the many stunning beaches in Villasimius, and it’s conveniently close to the city. You can reach it by walking, biking, or by car. If you choose to drive, you’ll need to pay a parking ticket of less than 10 euros for the whole day. But don’t worry, this will give you access to other beaches in the municipality of Villasimius without having to pay for parking again in the same day.

The best time to enjoy Porto Giunco is early in the morning, around 6:00 or 7:00. The beach is almost deserted, with the lidos still closed, and you can face the stunning sunrise. It’s truly amazing! During the weekends or in high season it tends to be overcrowded but it’s a huge beach, so you will find a place to stay for sure.

Toilets: there are toilets at the beach entrance.

Bar and Restaurants: There are some lidos with bar. If you want to drink a coffee, eat something or have a sunset aperitivo, it’s the right place for you!

2- Punta Molentis

Punta Molentis is a breathtaking bay that offers a mix of sand and rocks. The colors of the sea are simply stunning, ranging from turquoise to deep blue. Snorkeling enthusiasts will find here a paradise, thanks to the clear waters and the variety of marine life. Punta Molentis beach is part of the Capo Carbonara marine protected area and fishing is strictly prohibited.

When you park your car, you can go both right and left. If you go right, you will only find free beach, and the sea is very beautiful, but it’s difficult to enjoy it due to the rocky beach. Instead, if you walk to the left, you will reach the real Punta Molentis beach (which is where I recommend going). The first few meters are free, then there is a paid lido. The beach is really small and the entrance is limited, so the first to arrive can enter. For this beach, I highly recommend booking an umbrella to have a comfortable resting point. The umbrella in high season must be booked in advance, while in low season, it’s possible to arrive at the beach and ask the lifeguard. One important thing to remember is that the first row near the sea costs more. As you move away from the shore, you will pay less.

Toilets: there are chemical toilets just before the beach, but unfortunately they are paid.

Bar and Restaurants: more than a bar, there’s a kiosk with some tables. It’s located about a hundred meters before the beach. If you go to the beach, you’ll pass by it for sure. The kiosk is only open during the summer season. There is also a basic restaurant where they prepare quick dishes, salads, sandwiches and fried fish. It’s a place that I love because it’s located at the end of the beach and it’s right by the sea, where there’s a small dock for boats. Having a spritz with friends and then going for a swim is priceless.

Aerial view of Punta Molentis with description of the services

3- Cala Pira

Located a few kilometers from Villasimius, Cala Pira is a small and picturesque beach. The sand is white and soft and the water is crystal clear. You can rent umbrellas and sunbeds or just bring your own equipment and enjoy the free part of the beach. There are also some bars and restaurants where you can have a drink or a meal with a stunning view of the sea.

Toilets: when I wrote this article there were a couple of chemical toilets and other toilet in the bar. But those things may change from year to another.

Bar and Restaurants: There is a bar. Cala Pira is a small place, so do not expect lots of options.

4- Cala Sinzias

The beach of Cala Sinzias is definitely one of the most underrated beaches out there. Probably due to the sand which doesn’t have a white color, but tends towards beige/light brown. Yet it has something magical and it’s the beach where I go every day myself.

So, what makes it special then? Behind the beach, the vegetation is green and lush, creating unique colours of the sea. The water is crystal clear and reflects the green of the vegetation, which perfectly matches the light brown color of the sand.

Cala Sinzias is also a very large beach, practically never crowded (even in high season) and with many beach resorts, bars, and services. Don’t get me wrong, most of Cala Sinzias is free beach, and you won’t be forced to rent an umbrella and a sunbed in a resort.

I also love walking back and forth along the bay and enjoying the sand under my feet that changes. Towards the north, it’s finer, pasty. Towards the south, it’s rougher and creates a higher difference between the beach and the sea.

Toilets: free chemical toilets in the parking area, then you have to enter a lido and ask for the toilet.

Bar and Restaurants: there are so many of them. My two favorites are Galeotto and Tamatete. However, be careful, these two beach resorts/restaurants are on opposite ends. Tamatete is a very organized beach resort, with practically every type of service and impeccable facilities. The menu is varied and the standard is quite high. However, this also translates into a certain coldness from the structure towards the customer. It’s a very pleasant atmosphere, but I haven’t left my heart there.

My heart always remains at Galeotto. It’s an imperfect structure, at times disastrous, that needs to be understood and accepted as it is, with a smile and sipping a glass of local white wine. Galeotto is a family-run beach resort and, as often happens in families, there are arguments, anger, and things don’t work perfectly. But, as in every family, peace is made and we move forward. The staff at Galeotto is honest, down-to-earth, and puts their heart into what they do. The chef is only one and his name is Lello (short for Antonello). He’s the brother of the owner and prepares the dishes for everyone. The dishes are made to order and nothing is precooked, so the wait times are (very, very) long. But, for me, it’s worth the wait. Especially in high season, you’ll need to book for the restaurant, and my advice is to go there right at the opening so you can be served first.

Between the two restaurants, I would choose (and I choose) Galeotto. However, for one or two special dinners, I always enjoy going back to Tamatete.

Aerial picture of Galeotto Beach in Cala Sinzias, Castiadas - Sardinia

The above image is an aerial picture of the Galeotto Beach lido and restaurant. Now the restaurant it’s different from this picture because for the Italian laws they had to demolish and rebuild it, but more or less is still the same place/shape.

On the back of the restaurant you can see the parking (which is not free, you have to pay at the automatic machine) and the chemical toilets. On the back right there is the road to reach the beach. 

This is the Google maps link to the correct position:

Please note: you can also park on the Tamatete side of the beach, but personally I don’t like it. The sand is better in the middle of the bay, where is located the road that I linked. 

An aerial view of Cala Sinzias, Sardinia

5- Santa Giusta (Scoglio Peppino)

The Scoglio Peppino beach is characterized by fine white sand and crystal clear water with an intense blue color, making this stretch of coastline particularly charming. The presence of a cliff overlooking the sea, called “Scoglio Peppino”, makes the landscape even more picturesque. The rock is smooth, almost as if it has been caressed (rather than eroded) by the wind over the centuries. It can be easily climbed without the need for special shoes or slippers.

The beach is small and during the high season it can be very crowded, so it’s better to go early in the morning or later towards sunset.

The Scoglio Peppino beach was my very first love in Sardinia. Maybe now (precisely because it’s crowded) it’s not a beach that I choose anymore, but it remains a mandatory stop at least once during the vacation period.

One important thing: when you park your car in the Scoglio Peppino parking lot (which, I remind you, is paid), walk towards the beach, then go left and pass a small promontory with myrtle bushes. There is a dirt trail. You will arrive at the small cove where you can admire the rock.

Toilets: a couple of chemical toilets after the parking.

Bar and Restaurants: as I am writing this article, unfortunately there are no beach bars. It’s best to bring food and water with you. However, the parking is close by and if needed, you can move around by car. There is a small supermarket called Crai / Il Delfino within 2 Kilometers (there is also a bar and a restaurant).