When to Visit Sardinia: a Seasonal Guide for Travellers


Sardinia is a popular tourist destination for visitors from around the world, but the best time of year to visit this beautiful island can vary greatly depending on each traveler’s preferences and interests.

In this article, we will explore the seasons and weather conditions of Sardinia to help travellers choose the best time to visit the island.


Spring in Sardinia generally starts in March and extends until June. This is the perfect time for those who want to avoid the crowds of summer and enjoy mild temperatures and pleasant weather conditions.

Average temperatures range between 15 and 22 degrees, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and visiting the island’s natural parks. In spring, beaches are still relatively quiet, which means that tourists can enjoy the beauty of the coastline without the summer crowds.


Summer in Sardinia extends from June to September and is the most popular time to visit the island. During this period, average temperatures can reach 30 degrees, making it perfect for those who love sun and sea.

However, this is also the busiest time of year, so it is important to book accommodation and activities well in advance. Sardinian beaches are world-famous for their crystal-clear waters and ideal conditions for water activities such as surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, snorkeling, and water skiing.


Autumn in Sardinia starts in October and extends until December. This season is very similar to spring in terms of temperatures and weather conditions, with average temperatures ranging between 15 and 22 degrees.

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the island and outdoor activities such as hiking, visiting natural parks, and tasting the local cuisine. This is also the perfect time to visit the island’s archaeological sites, without the summer tourist crowds.


Winter in Sardinia starts in January and extends until March. During this period, average temperatures range between 10 and 15 degrees, but can drop below zero in some areas of the island.

This is the perfect time for those who want to enjoy the island’s beauty without the tourist crowds. Winter in Sardinia is also the perfect time for activities such as skiing and snowboarding, as there are several ski resorts on the island.

High and low seasons

Another factor to consider when deciding when to visit Sardinia is the high and low season. The high season in Sardinia typically runs from mid-June to mid-September, coinciding with the school holidays and the peak of summer.

During this period, prices for accommodation, activities, and dining are usually higher, and it can be more challenging to find availability at popular destinations. Additionally, the beaches and tourist sites are more crowded.

On the other hand, the low season in Sardinia, which typically runs from October to May, offers a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere, with fewer crowds and lower prices.

This can be an excellent time for travelers who are looking for a more peaceful experience and want to avoid the tourist crowds. However, some restaurants, shops, and activities may have limited hours or be closed during this period, so it’s important to check availability before traveling.

Overall, the best time to visit Sardinia depends on your interests and preferences, but considering both the seasons and the high and low season can help you make an informed decision and plan an unforgettable trip to this beautiful Italian island.

Other info

If you are thinking of visiting Sardinia, there are many other important things to consider. For example, if you decide to visit during the summer season, we recommend booking in advance to avoid long queues and ensure the best places for accommodation, activities, and restaurants.

Additionally, if you are interested in the culture and history of the island, you should visit the archaeological sites and museums in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. Here, you can visit the famous Villa of Tigellio, dating back to the Roman period, or the National Archaeological Museum, which houses a vast collection of historical artifacts.

If you are a water sports enthusiast, we recommend visiting the northeastern coast or southeastern coast of Sardinia, where some of the island’s most beautiful and renowned beaches can be found for windsurfing, kiteboarding, and snorkeling. If you decide to visit the south-southwest coast, I take this opportunity to remind you that we have a house for rent. For more information, please click here.

Finally, you cannot leave Sardinia without trying the traditional dishes of Sardinian cuisine, such as fish soup, porceddu (Sardinian suckling pig), and pecorino cheese. Many local restaurants offer tasting menus, where you can taste the traditional dishes accompanied by local wines.


In conclusion, Sardinia offers something for every season and every type of traveler. Whether you prefer the bustling atmosphere of summer or the quiet tranquility of winter, there is no wrong time to visit this beautiful island.

By considering the different seasons and weather conditions, travelers can choose the best time to visit Sardinia based on their preferences and interests.